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  • TJCS #61 – The Rob Esposito Interview

    Rob Esposito started a moving business and built it into a monster corporation with over 70 employees. He’s the guy you want to go to war with because you know he has your back. His story is fascinating, and his work ethic is second to none.

  • TJCS #60 – The Trey Riley Interview

    Trey Riley is a U.S. Air Force Captain, an actor, and a young entrepreneur as a digital creator. He talks about his divorce, which led to severe depression, and what he did to escape it. The interview takes a hilarious turn when Joe and Trey eat a Lil’ Nitro Flaming Hot Gummy Bear!

  • Episode 23: How Blacks & LGBTQ Run America

    Today’s Topics: Black Politicians and the LGBTQ community who hate America are running this country; The Chicago riots say a lot about the direction of the U.S.; Is the United States headed to war after the China and Russia alliance?; All this and more! 

  • Episode 22: What Happened To America?

    Today’s Topics: The Democrats and Corporations are insulting Americans with Transgenderism; Blue states have ruined their cities with drugs, homelessness, and crime; If Donald Trump wins in 2024, he needs to clean house at the FBI and CIA; All this and more!

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