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Ronnie Gunz

Ronald Miller, born June 7, 1974, at Smithtown hospital on Long Island.

How did Ronnie and Joe meet?

Ronnie graduated from North Babylon High School with me in 1992. However, I had no fucking clue who he was. To be honest, I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup if my life depended on it.

It wasn’t until 23 years that on June 30, 2015, a connection was born. Ronnie reached out to me on Facebook Messenger.

Here is his original message to me:
“I’m not gonna lie, I thought you were kind of a douche in high school haha. But I think your show is awesome. I remember Smoking a joint with Rob on DPA in like 92 or something and he told me the doctor had to remove his brain every time he smoked pot. It’s kind of a trip seeing and listening to him now. He’s a great part of the show. Pete is really naturally funny, and your brutal honesty and the willingness to say whatever the fuck crosses your mind regardless of whether or not it’s a subject people normally go into detail about (jerking off, hemorrhoids, anxiety etc.) kinda keeps the show on the edge. I’ve listened to every episode and I hope you keep doing it.”

What makes Ronnie Gunz a great guest?

  1. He likes to embarrass his wife by farting out loud in public.
  2. He loves President Trump.
  3. He goes off on rants about girls having ‘meat hooks’ or ‘bologna sandwiches’.
  4. His rap song ‘Real Shit’ may be the best song played on TJCS.

How did Ron Miller become Ronnie Gunz?

Ronnie made his first appearance on February 15, 2016. I could just tell from his voice that he was extremely nervous. Yet, once the conversation turned to sex, Ronnie became a natural. Ronnie explained that he had to bribe his wife for sex by first giving her a full-body massage. I loved it! I instantly labeled him as Ronnie Lotion!

How did he get the name Ronnie Gunz?

Ronnie wasn’t too thrilled with the ‘Ronnie Lotion’ label. One day he called the show and started to discuss his concealed carry permit. He told me that he doesn’t ‘go anywhere without his gun’ and he was always ‘strapped’ just in case something goes down. I was fascinated by this, especially because New York has such strict gun laws.

The legend of Ronnie Gunz was born.

Parting ‘Shots’ about Ronnie Gunz

Let me say this about Ronnie. He is without a doubt one of the nicest and most generous guys I’ve ever met. Moreover, Ronnie went out of his way to mail Crazy Robert Marlboro cigarettes and bought him a shit gold chain that CR despises!

TJCS has connected me with so many great people. It’s one of the reasons I truly love doing it. Ronnie Gunz is at the top of that list.

Joe Cozzo

Episodes With Ronnie Gunz

  • April 26, 2019 – The Evolution of Life, Liberals, Trump, LGBT Community

    Today’s topics – Is it possible Donald Trump can lose the 2020 election? If he does lose, will the country really be a better place? Planet Earth is over 4 billion years old. Is it possible humans existed 800 million years ago and then became extinct? All this and more in today’s episode!

  • Ronnie Gunz: Anxiety on Full Tilt

    I finally get Ronnie Gunz to come to the studio for his first interview. Ronnie is hilarious and talks about doing coke in his younger years and how he would use it to level off his drinking. RG also talks about his first time he had sex with a black girl and how things went down […]

  • Valentines Day Special

    Joe’s in Red’s doghouse because he didn’t like the Valentines Day gift she gave him, Ronnie Gunz buys his wife a new ‘bedroom toy’, Crazy Robert Valentines Day wish, and more!

  • TJCS – September 25, 2018

    Joe has Ronnie Gunz on today’s show talking about absolutely nothing and everything. From the #MeToo movement to Bill Cosby deserving his jail sentence, Ronnie Gunz gives it raw!

  • TJCS – September 12, 2018

    An emotional Ronnie Gunz comes on the show to express his greatest fears about Hurricane Florence. The Catholic church is the worst institutions of our lifetime, and more!

  • TJCS – June 14, 2018

    Joe discusses his night out to dinner with an old friend, Ronnie Gunz and Eddro come on the show for a quick segment called ‘Getting to know Eddie and RG’ and more!

  • The Daily Show – 09-27-16

    Joe talks last night’s presidential debate, Ronnie Gunz and new guest Tara Banninger come on to share their thoughts, do you text with one finger and more.

  • The Daily Show – 09-20-16

    Joe discusses how great it is to live alone, How difficult it is to quit drinking coffee, the NYC bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami gets captured, Ronnie Gunz comes on and talks about working out and licking ass, and more!

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