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How TJCS got started

After majoring in Radio Broadcasting at Long Island University back in 2000, I interned for a few stations, most notably the ‘Mike and the Mad Dog Show’ on WFAN with Chris Russo and Mike Francesa. From there, I truly fell in love with radio. However, there was no such thing as a podcast back then. If you wanted to break into radio back then, you better be prepared to move to Iowa or Indiana.

I was also doing stand-up all over Manhattan and taking acting classes at HB Studios in the West Village. I was going on auditions with my black and white headshots, doing stand-up, and interning at my favorite radio station. Life could not be better.

After graduation, I decided to move to LA. Why stay in the cold NY when I could be doing the exact same thing in beautiful weather? I remember going on AOL and searching for apartments and there were palm trees all over the place. If you remember AOL’s dial-up-service, you can recall how long it took one picture to download!

I put $300 down on an apartment in Burbank, CA, and my move-in date was in two months.

So there I was LA dreaming, ready to conquer the world. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was going to crush it in Cali. I was young, in shape, possibly funny, and single.

Have I mentioned how great my life was yet?

I had approximately one month left in NY when I was told some ‘shocking’ news. A former girlfriend of mine was pregnant, and guess who was the baby daddy?

I was having a baby with no job, zero savings, and now was able to stay in my parent’s basement without windows!

Have I have mentioned how great my life was?

Obviously, having a newborn to care for, I didn’t think that would be a wise decision to move. Therefore, I had to do something else for a while, make some money, get back on my feet, and then get back to the mic.

I had to set my radio dreams aside and decided to attend Law School. After successfully passing the NY Bar Exam, I worked as a prosecutor at the Suffolk DA’s Office on Long Island. After a few years as a prosecutor, I decided to start my own practice (cozzolaw.com), make some money, and get back on the mic!

I’ve been hosting The Joe Cozzo Show since 2015. It’s a show about my life, helping others achieve their goals, healthy eating, and being brutally honest.

Once again, life couldn’t be better.


Joe Cozzo

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