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  • Rise And Resist The Biden Tyranny

    Joe Biden is acting like a full-blown tyrant, forcing states to issue mask mandates and vaccines. We live in America, the land of the free in which our ancestors sacrificed their lives to give us.

  • It’s Curtains For Andrew Cuomo

    The infamous ‘LuvGuv’ is having his own MeToo moment today as every member of the U.S. Senate and House representing New York – has now called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign. Also, NYC is the first to demand vaccine passports.

  • Hey Joe Biden: Shut Down The Border, Now

    We constantly hear that Covid cases are on the rise. But at the same time, we have an influx of illegals strolling across the border, unchecked, unvaccinated, and dropped off throughout the country.

  • For Some Americans, Buyers Remorse Is Real

    President Biden is now demanding that everyone, including the vaccinated, mask up. The CDC bases its recommendations on an outbreak recording zero deaths.

  • Lies And Deceit: The History of The CDC

    The CDC’s credibility is in shambles. The fact that vaccinated people must wear masks indoors is not science; it’s politics and a power grab by the Democrats.

  • Americans Want The Truth

    Every day we are being told a different story regarding Covid. The CDC and Dr. Fauci have continuously flip-flopped on their guidelines. Americans deserve the truth.

  • Jan. 6 Hearing: Lights, Camera, Action!

    Today, Director Nancy Pelosi showcased her best work yet. All the actors had their lines memorized and were ready to perform. We had drama, lots of crying, and of course, tales of racism.

  • Donald Trump: America Needs You, Bad

    As each day goes by, Americans are starting to realize how bad of a leader Joe Biden is for this country. My Pillow Promo Code = TJCS

  • Americans Don’t Trust Joe Biden

    Joe Biden was supposed to be the president that healed our beautiful nation. Instead, he’s divided it more than ever with his constant lies and putting America last.

  • The Biden Administration: Mask Up and Shut Up

    We hear a lot of new information about Covid cases lately. LA County wants people to mask up even if vaccinated. Republicans are now encouraging people more than ever to get the shot. But what are the numbers telling us?

  • The Democrat Blueprint: Create A Crisis, Grab More Power

    For authoritarian-minded leaders like Joe Biden, a manufactured crisis offers a convenient pretext to silence critics and consolidate power.

  • Capitalism And The American Dream Fly Into Space

    Today we witnessed history, as Jeff Bezos fulfilled his childhood dreams by flying into space. That dream would never have become a reality if it weren’t for this great country built on capitalism.

  • Americans Do Not Trust The Left-Wing Media

    The Left-Wing Media outlets are like the violinists on the Titanic. While their ship is sinking and ratings plummet, they keep bashing Trump, spread disinformation, and call White Americans racist.

  • Joe Biden’s Ministry Of Truth

    It’s time Americans realize that communism is knocking at our door. Democrats and the Biden administration are trying to control our every move, and if we allow it, the America we once knew is over.

  • America Must Denounce BLM

    Black Lives Matter, a radical Marxist organization, showed their true colors today by backing a communist Cuban regime that oppresses its people, including Blacks.

  • How To Win A War Without Firing A Shot

    For centuries throughout the world, humans have dealt with all types of plagues. However, one of the worst we have seen in the past century is Covid-19. How did it come into existence, and is anyone responsible?

  • Democrats To America: I Love You, Now Change

    Democrats are doing everything in their power to change the face of America. And like with all relationships, once you try to change it, it’s impossible to say you love it.

  • Democrats Dividing vs. Cubans Uniting

    Cubans are protesting in the streets wrapped around American Flags demanding their freedom. Yet, Democrats continuously insist that America is a racist country. It’s time we start blaming Barack Obama for the country’s divide.

  • China’s Strategy: Control America, Dominate The World

    China uses its propaganda machine to cause havoc within the United States, causing a once-powerful nation to fall to its knees.

  • Wake Up Republicans; The Democrats Are Winning, Big-Time

    He who controls the past controls the present. It was true when novelist George Orwell said it back in 1946, and it’s true now. And it’s precisely the game plan for the Democrats.

  • Fourth Of July Weekend: Beer, BBQ, And Donald Trump

    America’s birthday is one of the best holidays our nation has to offer. But when you add a Trump Rally to the mix, it becomes a weekend to remember!

  • How A Once-Powerful Nation Became Soft

    America was once a dominant country filled with pride and vigor. But now, with our children influenced by social media, we are becoming a nation of soft, pampered individuals who hate what they see in the mirror.

  • Hello Donald Trump, Boy, Have We Missed You

    Donald Trump was at the US-Mexico border, slamming Biden for his lack of leadership amid the border crisis. At the same time, Democrats are trying to convince Americans that it is Republicans that want to Defund the Police.

  • TJCS #12 – Nicholas Giordano

    Nicholas Giordano is a Professor of Political Science and is a frequent guest on the Tucker Carlson Show. In this episode, we dive deep into the dangers of Critical Race Theory as the Professor expects the complete indoctrination of our children. He also dismisses the notion that the political parties switched sides throughout the years […]

  • Democrats And Their Ridiculous Policies

    Democrats are destroying our society with their absurd policies, like Critical Race Theory, Defunding the Police, and Transgender Males competing in female sports. However, they are finally blowing up in their faces.

  • American Patriotism: Join, Or Die

    America is heading down a path of constant chaos, where politics has become a religion, in which civil war seems inevitable. The main reason for this is half the country hates America. And the other half is willing to die to save it.

  • Watch Out Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis Is On The Rise

    Donald Trump may be the 2024 GOP front-runner; however, Ron Desantis’ stock is soaring, and when one king falls, another one rises.

  • America Needs Donald Trump More Than Ever

    Democrats attempted to destroy Trump’s presidency before he even put his hand on the bible. But now Joe Biden is in Office, and the country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War.

  • Biden’s America: Declare Your Allegiance, Or Rot In Jail

    The United States is becoming a totalitarian regime under Joe Biden, where if your political views differ, your freedoms are limited. Look no further than January 6th as an example.

  • Patriotic Democrats: A Dying Breed In America

    Democrats never show their love for America. They hate the flag, can’t stand American history by implementing CRT, and destroy beautiful American cities.

  • BLM and LGBTQ: The American Takeover

    It seemed like yesterday, America the beautiful, a nation filled with promise and hope, would flourish forever. And in a blink of an eye, BLM and the LGBTQ community changed everything.

  • America Has Changed, And There’s No Going Back

    Covid has divided America to the brink of disaster; the NFL is dividing the players based on vaccinations. And, the US Military is using critical race theory to indoctrinate our soldiers.

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