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  • The America First Agenda

    We are facing a movement that has America on the path to destruction. That movement is Marxism, aka Communism. It’s time for American Patriots to take a stand.

  • TJCS # 10 – Shawn Farash (Long Island Loud Majority)

    Shawn Farash is a force to be reckoned with, an American Patriot and creator of the Long Island Loud Majority. His events cultivated a conservative movement that brought America First back to New York.

  • The America Last Agenda

    Joe Biden and the Democrats want people to stay home and collect a check while he ruins America one day at a time.

  • America, Say Hello To Brandon Mitchell

    Derek Chauvin did not receive a fair trial and is now appealing his conviction for the murder of George Floyd. Get ready, America.

  • Some Whites Are Racist, And Some Blacks Are Too

    Democrats want you to think that only Whites are racist. Unfortunately, racism exists with all ethnicities, including Blacks.

  • Marxism: The America Way

    Joe Biden and his administration took a sharp progressive turn last night. Karl Marx himself could have written that speech.

  • Why The Left Wants To Defund The Police

    For the past year, we hear ‘Defund The Police’ by Democrats. But what’s the end game? Why would they want Americans to live in a lawless country? Also, Biden exposes his weakness as President.

  • TJCS #9 – Alan Jacoby

    Alan Jacoby, host of the conservative podcast, ‘The Great Divide,’ joins the show to discuss his thoughts on today’s political climate, Black Lives Matter, and the destruction of America by the Democrats.

  • Mob Rule

    The Democrats use the Mob, aka BLM and Antifa, as their foot soldiers to destroy America and implement their socialist agenda.

  • America Takes A Deep Breath

    Democrats like Maxine Waters made sure the Derek Chauvin jury knew what was coming if they didn’t find him guilty, and they did just that, guilty on all counts.

  • Frankie Floridia To The Rescue

    Frankie Floridia of Strong Island Animal Rescue has a heart of gold. He’s been saving animal’s lives for over a decade, not for profit, but for a chance to see them live another day.

  • It’s Time For Patriots To Take A Stand

    Democrats and BLM will try and use Daunte Wright’s death to their advantage by dividing this country to the brink. It’s time to call out their hypocrisy and take back America.

  • Black Lives Matter Will Burn It Down

    As the evidence starts to come in, it seems as if Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd. And as a result, BLM will set flames to the city streets.

  • Joe the Box – The America First Warehouse

    Joe the Box is an entrepreneur who is also an American Patriot ready to take back America. He is, without a doubt, one of the most generous people on the planet and will do whatever it takes to keep ‘America First.’

  • Marie Zere – An American Patriot

    Marie Zere is a real estate tycoon. She is the first female CEO to own a commercial real estate firm in NY. She is also an American Patriot who loves her country but believes we are heading towards another Civil War caused by China, the Nation of Islam, and the US Media.

  • America The Beautiful Is Getting Ugly

    The Democrat’s hypocrisy is at an all-time high. And as a result, the America we once knew is being destroyed right before our eyes.

  • The World’s Greatest Propaganda Machine

    The Democratic Media has more power than any other institution in the United States. They create and control the pulse of America. And right now, it’s all about Covid and White Supremacy.

  • The Media Is Dividing This Country

    The once highly respected Media has now turned into an extension of the Democratic Party. As a result, its bias has distorted the marketplace.

  • Democrats Are Changing This Country

    From Wokeism to Racism, Democrats are doing everything in their power to end the America you once knew.

  • White Democrats Secret Weapon: Minorities

    White Democrats are responsible for the racial divide in America. They use minorities to retain power while keeping the minorities dependant on their generosity. But it’s all a facade.

  • Gun Control Is Not The Answer

    Joe Biden and the Democrats will use the Colorado mass-shooting to take away your Second Amendment rights; Also, why are we not hearing about the shooter’s ethnicity? And the migrants at the border are astronomical.

  • The US Military Versus China

    Joe Biden has created a crisis at the border. But the more significant dilemma is the US military versus China.

  • The Democrats Despise Trump and White Americans

    There’s zero evidence of a hate crime in the Atlanta shooting. But don’t tell that to the Democrats.

  • America The Beautiful Is Dying

    Marxists and terrible politicians are now running the United States. As a result, the country is on life support.

  • Democrats Want Obedience, Not Unity

    Democrats have drawn a line in the sand. Either you are with them, or they will cancel you.

  • Inside The Minds Of Democrats

    Republicans and Democrats share this country. However, you would think both parties are from different planets.

  • China’s Military Is Capitalizing On Woke America

    As America embraces its present Woke culture, China is ramping up its military in preparation for global dominance.

  • Democrats Make Everything About Race

    From George Floyd to President Trump, Democrats and the Left-Wing Media Make Everything About Race

  • Democrats Don’t Want To Reopen The Country

    Democrats are doing everything in their power to keep the country on lockdown.

  • The Red States On Lockdowns: That’s A Wrap!

    Today Governor Greg Abbot of Texas and Tate Reeves from Mississippi are finally ending the lockdowns. What state will be next?

  • Cuomo Is Cooked

    The Rise And Fall Of Governor Andrew Cuomo

  • Democrats Are Playing Chess

    Joe Biden’s Expiration Date Is Closer Than You Think.

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