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  • TJCS #63 – Running for Change: The Barbara Abboud & Matt Wilson Interview

    Meet Barbara and Matt, two parents who decided to run for their district’s school board of education. They are not politicians, and they are not activists. They are just ordinary people who want a better life for their children and community. But running for office takes work, especially when balancing your family, work, and campaigning. […]

  • TJCS #61 – The Rob Esposito Interview

    Rob Esposito started a moving business and built it into a monster corporation with over 70 employees. He’s the guy you want to go to war with because you know he has your back. His story is fascinating, and his work ethic is second to none.

  • TJCS #60 – The Trey Riley Interview

    Trey Riley is a U.S. Air Force Captain, an actor, and a young entrepreneur as a digital creator. He talks about his divorce, which led to severe depression, and what he did to escape it. The interview takes a hilarious turn when Joe and Trey eat a Lil’ Nitro Flaming Hot Gummy Bear!

  • Episode 23: How Blacks & LGBTQ Run America

    Today’s Topics: Black Politicians and the LGBTQ community who hate America are running this country; The Chicago riots say a lot about the direction of the U.S.; Is the United States headed to war after the China and Russia alliance?; All this and more! 

  • Episode 22: What Happened To America?

    Today’s Topics: The Democrats and Corporations are insulting Americans with Transgenderism; Blue states have ruined their cities with drugs, homelessness, and crime; If Donald Trump wins in 2024, he needs to clean house at the FBI and CIA; All this and more!

  • TJCS #59 – Lionell Watlington – Failing Is Not An Option

    Lionell is a 6’5 badass who is a 5th-degree blackbelt in martial arts and played professional basketball overseas. He’s now crushing it as a personal trainer. However, his road to success wasn’t easy; his father was an alcoholic, and his mother was addicted to crack.

  • TJCS #57 – Paul Lamar Hunter – The 19th Child

    Paul grew up with 20 siblings and zero privacy. His childhood home caught fire as Paul and his brother were trapped, fighting for their lives. As an adult, Paul lays down the law, tells his women he may love more than one at a time, and they must deal with it.

  • TJCS #55 – Isaiah Mueller & Adiel Kay – The Dynamic Duo

    Isaiah and Adiel are stand-up comics & filmmakers who perform all over NYC. They are both hilarious, and the vibe in the studio is top-notch!

  • TJCS #54 – Nick Christophers – The Italian Greek

    Nick grew up on the streets of New York and found himself at the center of the Italian Mob. With some luck, he escaped the crime family life and became a freelance journalist for the past 16 years, writing four books!

  • Episode 20: Back To Basics

    Topics: Moving out of New York; A wild phone call with Jean & Crazy Robert; Baseball is back; WW III; OJ Simpson; and more!

  • TJCS #53 – Patrick Golden – The Traveling Man

    After bike riding from the University of Texas to Anchorage, Alaska, Patrick moved to NYC and fell in love with standup comedy. His journey is one for the ages, and he has Joe laughing hysterically in the studio!

  • TJCS #52 – Jessyln Blue – The Magical Game Of Life

    Jessyln grew up not knowing her birth father and brother and attempted suicide four times. Her story is one of tragedy to triumph as she now embarks on a career in acting where she is thriving and loving life.

  • TJCS #50 – Adam Cohen – For The Love Of The Game

    Adam Cohen had dreams of becoming a major league baseball player. However, deep down inside, he knew that wasn’t a reality. He then changed career paths once he discovered a love for broadcasting. Adam describes the lonely nights in the booth announcing minor league games but realizes it’s a small price to pay to get […]

  • TJCS #49 – Nina Martinez – Microdosing Her Way To Stardom

    Nina’s story is incredible! She grew up homeless in Las Vegas at the age of 14. After bouncing around from state to state, Nina started microdosing psychedelics, found her niche on the East Coast, and is following her dreams as a singer/actor.

  • TJCS #48 – ALL-FRED – A Man Willing To Try Anything

    Things get crazy when ALL-FRED eats a BLAZING HOT PAQUI CHIP during the show. ALL-FRED discusses his obsessive drinking and partying and shares all his crazy stories growing up on Long Island.

  • TJCS #47 – Joe “The Cop” Cruzado – Breaks Down Tyre Nichol’s Death

    Joe Cruzado is a former NYPD detective and gives his expert analysis on Tyre Nichols’ death. Joe the Cop also discusses the country’s direction and thoughts on who will win the presidential election in 2024.

  • Daily Show #19 – Discipline Is The Key To Success

    Today’s Topics: The most important attribute to becoming successful is self-discipline; The Top 10 Worst Foods To Eat; People are ordering their bloodwork online instead of at the Doctor’s Office; Pfizer caught red-handed, but why isn’t the MSM covering it? All this and more!

  • Daily Show #18 – America Is A Corrupt Nation

    Today’s Topics: America is not what we all thought it to be. The country is filled with corruption from the CIA assassinating JFK, the Covid 19 mandates, and the Department of Justice protecting Joe Biden. The list goes on and on. Also, how much influence does TikTok have on our children and society? Should it be […]

  • Daily Show #17 – How The Democrats Changed The Country

    Today’s Topics: The Democratic Party uses Identity Politics to change America; The Miss Universe owner, a man who has transitioned into a female, wants men to compete. Why were Joe Biden’s lawyers at his house and in his garage? Who is special counsel Robert Hur and is he compromised? All this and more!

  • TJCS #46 – Vince Angel – Country Singer Dreams

    Vince Angel has been through the wringer. His ex-girlfriend was slipping meth into his drinks for six months. Then he was in prison down south for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Vince has now used that experience to begin his new journey as a country music singer.

  • Daily Show #14: The Left’s Propaganda War Machine

    Today’s Topics: Happiness exists when you are true to yourself; Democrats know how to use propaganda better than anyone; The New York Times is an embarrassment; CNN is an agency of the Depp State; Big Pharma is secretly running the country. All this and more!

  • Daily Show #12 – Skip Bayless Is A Phony And America Is Falling

    Today’s Topics: Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is now speaking with teammates. ESPN’s Skip Bayless is a phony, and his sidekick is a racist. The CDC is full of misinformation, and Anthony Fauci belongs in jail.

  • Daily Show #10 – Improving Yourself Is Never Ending (and not easy)

    Today’s Topics: Trying to get yourself motivated is not an easy task; Suggestions on some excellent motivational books to listen to; The LGBTQ community has taken over TikTok, and more!

  • Daily Motivation – Trust The Process – Episode 5

    Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Develop a plan, stick to it, and trust the process. Remember, overnight success is ten years in the making.

  • Daily Motivation – Show The World How Talented You Are – Episode 4

    Many people die, and their talents that no one knows about die with them. Stop watching TV and start fulfilling your dreams. Write that book, learn that instrument, take that acting class. Time is not on your side, ever!

  • Daily Motivation – Success Starts With Your Daily Routine – Episode 3

    Topics: Successful people have strict routines, and it’s time you start yours today. Why most relationships fail and how to fix it. Humans are Hunter/Gatherers by nature. We have eliminated that from our system, and that’s why some of us are lost.

  • Daily Motivation – The Only Thing That Needs Changing Is You

    We constantly work out our bodies to improve our physical appearance. But what about our mental health? What are you doing each day to be mentally stronger and get a grip on your thoughts?

  • Daily Motivation – It Starts With You – Episode 1

    Change Your Thinking Habits, Standing Guard To The Door Of Your Mind, Flush Out The Negative People In Your Life, And Stop Giving In To Resistance.

  • TJCS #43 – Mike Crispi

    Mike Crispi bleeds Red, White, & Blue. He is the true definition of an American Patriot, doing whatever he can to Make America Great Again. And the best thing about Mike Crispi is he walks the talk.

  • TJCS #42 – Angela DiMarco & Dana Sardano

    Angela DiMarco and Dana Sardano are two visionaries who gave up their careers to develop a fantastic platform called What’s more impressive is their incredibly inspiring backstories.

  • TJCS #41 – Chubs aka Chuby God

    Chubs is an Underground Rapper from Long Island. The interview goes sideways once Joe questions why Chubs isn’t promoting his music on TikTok, Reels, and other social media outlets.

  • TJCS #40 – JT Tierney

    JT Tierney wasn’t even born and was already fighting an uphill battle. His mother was a heavy hardcore drug user while still in her womb and then was later adopted by his Grandmother. Growing up, he had no idea that his Uncle was his biological father. And then came the drug addiction. JT’s story is […]

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