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  • Andrew Yang: An American Leading by Example

    It’s 2019 and things have changed considerably over the years. Not too long ago comedians were allowed to make jokes without the fear of losing their job or better yet their career. However, that was a different time and now if you are a white male cracking racial jokes you better be prepared to defend […]

  • Burgess Owens: Democrats Should Pay Reparations

    Former NFL player Burgess Owens called out the Democratic Party for its obscure past of suppressing black Americans during his testimony on reparations. Here are some excerpts from his testimony: “Let’s point to the party that was part of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, that has killed over 40 percent of our black babies, 20 million […]

  • Welcome to L.A.: Home of Trash, Homelessness, Feces, and Rats

    California dreaming was once an axiom for everyone living in the United States. Cali had the best of everything including, beautiful women, breathtaking beaches, gorgeous weather year round, and of course Hollywood’s elite. However, in 2019, there are many other attributes California has earned, qualities that are tarnishing the popularity of the state. Take for example […]

  • Jared Kushner

    Jared Kushner is having a terrible week. First, he flopped the interview with Axios’s Jonathan Swan on HBO on Sunday night. Then he gets caught in one of the creepiest looking photos known to mankind. All this and more on today’s show!

  • Is Obama Racist for Defending Assimilation and Saying Immigrants Should ‘Learn the Language’

    Obama calls for a “humane, intelligent, thoughtful, orderly immigration process that is grounded in our better selves,” the former U.S. president emphasized that the job of “reducing fear on the part of people who are already there.. requires some levels of adaptation from the people who are coming in.” Listen to today’s show to hear […]

  • Even a Little Weight Training Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

    Weight training increases muscle mass while fat is lost and improves flexibility and metabolic conditioning while promoting joint strength. You want to keep your muscle while you lose fat because the more muscle you have on your body the higher your metabolism will be. As we get older we experience sarcopenia; the natural loss of […]

  • What Is Blood Alcohol Content And How Does It Affect People And The Party?

    Drinking and driving while intoxicated is a major crime. Thousands have lost lives over the years because of drunk driving or because of being struck by an intoxicated driver. Lawmakers and police officers alike have created rules and they have cracked down considerably in regards to public intoxication and as it pertains to drunk driving. […]

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