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Robbie Fresh

Robert J. Dillon was born August 26, 1973, at Mercy Hospital in Rockville Center, Long Island.

How did I meet Robbie Fresh?

Robbie Fresh attended North Babylon High School one year ahead of me. We didn’t know each other until we attended the same photography class back in 1990. I remember sitting at a table with a bunch of people, listening to Robbie Fresh tell one of his stories about stealing car stereos. I remember just being amazed by how well he could tell a story and how much I laughed. Back then it was hard for me to admit when someone was being funny because of my ego. However, Robbie Fresh was hilarious and there was nothing you could do other than laugh hysterically.

We never hung out after school, but I do remember walking to class and anticipating one of Robbie’s stories. I would ask him to tell me a new one each time we sat down, and each time he never disappointed.

How did we become the best of friends?

It wasn’t until after High School that we really bonded and formed a lifetime friendship. One of the reasons I believe we are so close is the fact that we are very similar in a lot of ways. We both love to laugh, gossip, make money and be outstanding fathers. We take great pride in all of those things. However, there are a lot of ways that we are not the same. I view this part as Good vs. Evil. Just listen to some of the episodes appears and you will understand.

How did Robbie Fresh become part of TJCS family?

Talking to Robbie Fresh over the phone is one of my favorite things to do. The conversations we have on the show are exactly how we talk off of it. Therefore, it was a no-brainer to ask him to be a part of TJCS. I thought “if this guy has me laughing non-stop, I’m sure other people will do the same.” In my opinion, Robbie Fresh is ‘Radio Gold.’

Every time Robbie Fresh comes on the show, it brings me back to that first day of photography class.

Some things never change.

Joe Cozzo

Episodes With Robbie Fresh

  • The Dowd File: A Story of Greed, Chaos and Betrayal

    Joe digs deep into the chaotic mind of former NYC cop Michael Dowd from the 75th Precinct. Dowd headed a ruthless criminal network by protecting drug lords and setting up a cocaine ring on Long Island labeling him the dirtiest cop in NYC history.

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