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  • Americans Don’t Feel Safe With Biden

    Joe Biden is the weakest leader America has ever had. And it’s the worst time as Russia is about to invade Ukraine, and China wants to crush Taiwan. Also, we have guest Courtney Geels on today’s show to discuss her run for Congress in the great state of North Carolina.

  • TJCS #18 – Andrew Tessler

    In 2012, Andrew was 22 years old and was living a dream life. He was making 10k per month selling cars, and he had the finest suits, beautiful women, and trips to Vegas with top bottle service. But then he hurt his back at the gym and was introduced to Percocets. And that’s when everything […]

  • How Much Longer Can America Look The Other Way?

    Americans keep hearing about racism in America. And how White Republicans hate Blacks and are White Supremacists. But don’t all human lives matter, including the Uyghurs?

  • A Country Divided For The Rest Of Our Lives

    America was once the crown jewel of the world. Unfortunately, our politicians and media have turned a beautiful country into a divisive one. It may regain its stature as the land of prosperity, but not in our lifetimes. Prom Code for My Pillow: TJCS

  • Biden Must Go, Like Now

    President Biden is at record lows in the polls thanks to his border debacle, Covid disaster, and uncanny ability to divide America. He is, without question, the worst president in U.S. history. My Pillow PromoCode = TJCS

  • Americans Don’t Trust The Federal Government

    America the beautiful is getting uglier by the minute. The American public has had enough of Fauci, Biden, and The Deep State, which runs the Democratic Party.

  • TJCS #17 – Anthony Fioranelli

    Anthony Fioranelli believes there is a New World Order and that an authoritarian, socialist “one-world” conspiracy has already taken over most of the planet, including the United States.

  • The Demoncrats Want To Change America More Than The Republicans Want To Save It

    The Democratic Party are Marxists who hate America. But they are also genius politicians who know how to play to their base. Republicans, on the other hand, have no backbone.

  • It’s Time The U.S. Admits They Got Covid Wrong

    Dr. Fauci and his cronies, including the Biden Administration and the CDC, need to rethink their Covid strategy.

  • The Covid Debacle Rolls Into 2022

    We are now two years into the pandemic with Covid, and nothing has changed. Fauci is still lying to Americans, and Biden doesn’t know how to stop the virus. Welcome to 2022!

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