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  • TJCS #20 – Mike Rakebrandt

    Mike is a former Navy submarine officer and currently a detective for the NYPD. However, he’s is tired of seeing members of the GOP do nothing as America crumbles, so he’s taking matters into his own hands and is running for Congress as a Conservative.

  • TJCS #19 – Thomas Dowling

    Thomas is a registered nurse and one of the Frontline Workers during the Covid outbreak at Stony Brook Hospital. He explains how hospitals inflate case numbers and deaths for financial gain. And why he feels the vaccine mandates are a slap in the face to our unsung heroes during the pandemic.

  • TJCS #18 – Andrew Tessler

    In 2012, Andrew was 22 years old and was living a dream life. He was making 10k per month selling cars, and he had the finest suits, beautiful women, and trips to Vegas with top bottle service. But then he hurt his back at the gym and was introduced to Percocets. And that’s when everything […]

  • TJCS #17 – Anthony Fioranelli

    Anthony Fioranelli believes there is a New World Order and that an authoritarian, socialist “one-world” conspiracy has already taken over most of the planet, including the United States.

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