Episodes With Topic: Joe Biden

  • A Country Divided For The Rest Of Our Lives

    America was once the crown jewel of the world. Unfortunately, our politicians and media have turned a beautiful country into a divisive one. It may regain its stature as the land of prosperity, but not in our lifetimes. Prom Code for My Pillow: TJCS

  • Biden Must Go, Like Now

    President Biden is at record lows in the polls thanks to his border debacle, Covid disaster, and uncanny ability to divide America. He is, without question, the worst president in U.S. history. My Pillow PromoCode = TJCS

  • Americans Don’t Trust The Federal Government

    America the beautiful is getting uglier by the minute. The American public has had enough of Fauci, Biden, and The Deep State, which runs the Democratic Party.

  • The Covid Debacle Rolls Into 2022

    We are now two years into the pandemic with Covid, and nothing has changed. Fauci is still lying to Americans, and Biden doesn’t know how to stop the virus. Welcome to 2022!

  • Reality Bites: Americans Want Biden Out

    Many Americans, including Democrats, are feeling the effects of the terrible job Biden is doing to the economy. And this is just the beginning.

  • America Is Not Racist, The Democratic Party Is

    Democrats, including the Left-Wing Media, are the most racist people in America. They use race to achieve their agenda by dividing the country and gaining unprecedented power.

  • Biden’s Final Push To Change America

    Democrats are struggling to get their spending package approved; The governor’s race in Virginia is coming down to the wire; and transgender is everywhere in America.

  • Democrat Politicians: The True Enemy Of America

    Joe Biden is out to destroy American capitalism and change the country through illegal immigration; Jan 6th is turning out to be an inside job, and the supply chain issue isn’t what you think.

  • Joe Rogan Exposes CNN And The Left

    Joe Rogan got the last laugh when he put Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN in their place for his use of Ivermectin. It’s time that Americans learn the truth about alternative treatments to Covid-19.

  • Conflicts Of Interest: Politicians, Big Tech, & China

    Politicians are making millions of dollars by protecting China, but they are not the only ones. Big Tech loves China money too, and both are destroying America.

  • Democrats Want To Destroy The Middle-Class

    The Democrats are masters at manufacturing a crisis. Their goal is to bring as many migrants into the country and keep them on welfare. Then destroy the middle-class and have complete control of the poor.

  • Are Covid Hospitalization Numbers Misleading?

    The Atlantic exposes hospitals and the U.S. Government for misleading the public on hospitalizations for COVID. Also, Senators have at it with Anthony Blinkin, but it’s all political theater, and Republicans will do nothing.

  • Biden Is Ready To Mandate America

    As Biden’s poll numbers plummet, he will announce his new Covid mandates tomorrow to distract America from his disastrous presidency.

  • We Have Sheep In The White House

    Joe Biden leaves hundreds of Americans behind and embarrasses our military while doing it. The evacuation was a cowardly act, with lives lost, which will forever stain Biden’s presidency.

  • Are We Being Told The Truth?

    We know that Covid-19 is terrible and that vaccines help save lives. But what about antibodies and natural immunity? Why won’t anyone, including Dr. Fauci, discuss it? And why are the vaccinated so concerned about the unvaccinated?

  • Joe Biden Has Blood On His Hands

    Today reminded us that America is in uncharted waters. Biden’s mistakes have caused our nation to crumble and soldiers to die. He has made a mockery of the United States.

  • America Could Be Great Again, Once Biden Leaves Office

    Joe Biden can fix every crisis in America. In one day, he can seal the border, rescue the Americans in Afghanistan, and heal this country from the made-up racism the Democrats push every day. Instead, he chooses to bury the greatest nation that has ever existed.

  • Democrats Don’t Care About Americans

    Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, have done everything in their power to destroy the America we love. And every policy decision has been a complete disaster.

  • Biden’s Legacy: Afghans Clinging For Life On US Plane

    Joe Biden has lead America into the worst foreign policy disaster since Vietnam. And even though the Left-Wing Media is attacking him, they helped create this moment by ousting Donald Trump.

  • We Have A Country To Save

    We, as Americans, are losing this nation. Joe Biden is allowing illegal immigrants to cross the border and spread Covid throughout the country. And we have politicians, big business conglomerates, and Hollywood kissing up to China, while Republicans are doing nothing to stop it.

  • Biden’s Political Weapon: The CDC

    Biden is using the CDC to ruin landlord’s lives throughout the country. He shames unvaccinated Americans, calling them unpatriotic. And eventually, place Americans who have Covid in camps using the ‘Shield Approach’ where people have limited contact with their family members.

  • Jan. 6 Hearing: Lights, Camera, Action!

    Today, Director Nancy Pelosi showcased her best work yet. All the actors had their lines memorized and were ready to perform. We had drama, lots of crying, and of course, tales of racism.

  • Americans Don’t Trust Joe Biden

    Joe Biden was supposed to be the president that healed our beautiful nation. Instead, he’s divided it more than ever with his constant lies and putting America last.

  • The Democrat Blueprint: Create A Crisis, Grab More Power

    For authoritarian-minded leaders like Joe Biden, a manufactured crisis offers a convenient pretext to silence critics and consolidate power.

  • Americans Do Not Trust The Left-Wing Media

    The Left-Wing Media outlets are like the violinists on the Titanic. While their ship is sinking and ratings plummet, they keep bashing Trump, spread disinformation, and call White Americans racist.

  • China’s Strategy: Control America, Dominate The World

    China uses its propaganda machine to cause havoc within the United States, causing a once-powerful nation to fall to its knees.

  • America Needs Donald Trump More Than Ever

    Democrats attempted to destroy Trump’s presidency before he even put his hand on the bible. But now Joe Biden is in Office, and the country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War.

  • Biden’s America: Declare Your Allegiance, Or Rot In Jail

    The United States is becoming a totalitarian regime under Joe Biden, where if your political views differ, your freedoms are limited. Look no further than January 6th as an example.

  • The Tale Of Two Idiots

    Kamala Harris’s trip to Latin America was a complete and utter embarrassment to America. But when you think things couldn’t get worse, enter Joe Biden at the G7 Summit.

  • How Donald Trump Changed America

    Democrats have been quietly working in the shadows for years, trying to abolish America. And then came Donald Trump, and everything changed.

  • Joe Biden: White Americans Are Worse Than ISIS

    In one of the worst speeches in modern-day history, Joe Biden explained that White Americans are more of a security threat to our nation than ISIS.

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