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  • TJCS #38 – Crazy Robert

    Crazy Robert is back on the show for some drinks and smoke, bringing new material that will make you laugh hysterically. Especially his new alter ego – Ed Carvelli.

  • TJCS #36 – Frank Destefano

    Frank Destefano is the author of The Dark Legend Of The Foreigner Series. He grew up on Long Island and spent his early years watching action films, especially science fiction.

  • TJCS #35 – Terry King

    Terry King is a member of The Drifters and The Temptations. His story takes us back to the 50s and 60s when music soothed the soul of anyone listening.

  • TJCS #34 – Elise Margolin

    Elise Margolin joins the show and brings it raw. She talks about anything and everything from smoking bud to what it’s like meeting people on the dating apps, why girls hate D*CK pics, and so much more!

  • TJCS #33 – Nikki Pags

    The beautiful Nikki Pags joins the show to discuss relationships, heartache, workout routines, favorite TV shows, and much more. Nikki was one of the original guests on TJCS, and she never disappoints.

  • TJCS #32 – Mink Johnson

    Mink Johnson gives it raw and uncut, from when he was shot five times in a home invasion to serving five years for firing a gun that ricocheted into a home, killing someone. His life has its ups and downs, but the comeback story is fascinating.

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