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  • TJCS #52 – Jessyln Blue – The Magical Game Of Life

    Jessyln grew up not knowing her birth father and brother and attempted suicide four times. Her story is one of tragedy to triumph as she now embarks on a career in acting where she is thriving and loving life.

  • TJCS #50 – Adam Cohen – For The Love Of The Game

    Adam Cohen had dreams of becoming a major league baseball player. However, deep down inside, he knew that wasn’t a reality. He then changed career paths once he discovered a love for broadcasting. Adam describes the lonely nights in the booth announcing minor league games but realizes it’s a small price to pay to get […]

  • TJCS #49 – Nina Martinez – Microdosing Her Way To Stardom

    Nina’s story is incredible! She grew up homeless in Las Vegas at the age of 14. After bouncing around from state to state, Nina started microdosing psychedelics, found her niche on the East Coast, and is following her dreams as a singer/actor.

  • TJCS #48 – ALL-FRED – A Man Willing To Try Anything

    Things get crazy when ALL-FRED eats a BLAZING HOT PAQUI CHIP during the show. ALL-FRED discusses his obsessive drinking and partying and shares all his crazy stories growing up on Long Island.

  • TJCS #47 – Joe “The Cop” Cruzado – Breaks Down Tyre Nichol’s Death

    Joe Cruzado is a former NYPD detective and gives his expert analysis on Tyre Nichols’ death. Joe the Cop also discusses the country’s direction and thoughts on who will win the presidential election in 2024.

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