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  • TJCS #31 – David Kaufman

    David Kaufman joins the show to talk about anything and everything from The Godfather to The Shining. Did humans live on Earth 2.5 billion years ago? Was the Holocaust the worst tragedy humankind has ever known, and if he believes Jesus had (God-like) powers. All this and more!

  • UFOs – Who’s Flying Them?

    Do you want to know who’s flying these UFOs the U.S. Navy pilots encounter?

  • TJCS #30 – Bryan Karp

    Bryan Karp is a machine. He built his real estate empire from scratch and is now the highest-rated realtor on Long Island, where he sold over 265 homes in 2021. His story is truly inspiring, and his motivation is contagious.

  • TJCS #29 – Dr. Jerome Huyler

    Jerome Huyler is as good as it gets. He’s hilarious, profound, and, most importantly, loves America. Jerome is a former professor at Seton Hall University and the author of two excellent books, Locke In America and Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare.

  • Crazy Robert Gets a Haircut

    Crazy Robert has been roaming the streets for over three months without supervision. Unfortunately, his mother, Jean, has been hospitalized. So Joe and Red thought it was time for an in-person visit. And boy, were they shocked to see what he’s been doing.

  • TJCS #28 – Robert Cornicelli

    Robert Cornicelli is a retired Army Captain and Navy Veteran Running for Congress in New York. He currently has endorsements from Mayor Rudy Giuliani and General Michael Flynn. He is a true patriot and believes in America First!

  • Daily Show – Times Are Changing

    Graduation Weekend at the University of Alabama; The Dems double down on abortion; How far will Biden go versus Russia; TV Series reviews; all this and more!

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