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  • How ‘Critical Race Theory’ Is Destroying Our Country

    Democrats are brainwashing our children and teaching them to hate America. It’s single-handedly dismantling our institutions and our core principles as Americans.

  • China Has Blood On Their Hands

    From day one, Donald Trump said that Covid-19 leaked from the Wuhan Lab in China. And Joe Biden, the worst American president, has yet to hold them accountable.

  • The Truth About Slavery In America

    Democrats are the Party of Slavery. They spread lies and use theories like the 1619 Project as propaganda. It’s time Republicans stand up, fight back, and tell the truth about the history of America.

  • America Is Failing Our Children

    America’s culture is changing each day, resulting in dire effects on our children. We need to stand up and protect the innocent and reinstall core American values.

  • The UFO Mystery Solved

    The US Navy is reporting they have encountered UFOs every day for over two years. Are the UFOs real? Who’s flying them? The answers to these questions are easier than you think.

  • TJCS #11 – Michael Loftus

    Michael Loftus is a brilliant standup comedian, writer, and commentator on Fox News. Michael discusses his views on today’s Political Climate, Hollywood, the Wuhan Lab, Woke America, and much more!

  • A Beautiful Country Dying A Slow Death

    Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to dismantle the United States and turn it into a Communist country.

  • The America First Agenda

    We are facing a movement that has America on the path to destruction. That movement is Marxism, aka Communism. It’s time for American Patriots to take a stand.

  • TJCS # 10 – Shawn Farash (Long Island Loud Majority)

    Shawn Farash is a force to be reckoned with, an American Patriot and creator of the Long Island Loud Majority. His events cultivated a conservative movement that brought America First back to New York.

  • The America Last Agenda

    Joe Biden and the Democrats want people to stay home and collect a check while he ruins America one day at a time.

  • America, Say Hello To Brandon Mitchell

    Derek Chauvin did not receive a fair trial and is now appealing his conviction for the murder of George Floyd. Get ready, America.

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