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  • Welcome To Bizarro World

    We are living in an upside-down world because of Woke Democrats and the Fake News Media.

  • The Tale Of Two Idiots

    Kamala Harris’s trip to Latin America was a complete and utter embarrassment to America. But when you think things couldn’t get worse, enter Joe Biden at the G7 Summit.

  • Tucker Carlson: The Left-Wing Nemesis

    Tucker Carlson is crushing the cable news ratings and embarrassing the competition. So instead of putting out great content, the Left-Wing Media tries to dethrone him by labeling him a racist.

  • Donald Trump Is The New Mr. Right

    The Left-Wing Media and the Democrats tried to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency using any chance they could get. But he proved them wrong every time.

  • The ‘Smoking Gun’ At The Wuhan Lab

    A ‘smoking gun’ from the Wuhan Lab leads directly to China’s People’s Liberation Army. Also, Obama continues dividing the country while Kamala Harris embarrasses it.

  • How Donald Trump Changed America

    Democrats have been quietly working in the shadows for years, trying to abolish America. And then came Donald Trump, and everything changed.

  • Democrats Hate For America Isn’t Aging Well

    Democrats want to Defund the Police, promote Racism, and divide the country. Instead, they should encourage how beautiful this country is, including all the people in it.

  • Dr. Peter Daszak: The Covid-19 Kingpin

    The mastermind behind the origins of Covid-19 is Dr. Peter Daszak and his back-door relationship with the Wuhan Lab.

  • The Rise of Left-Wing, Anti-Trump Fake News

    History will remember Donald Trump for many things. But one thing he will get the most credit for is exposing the Left for their Fake News.

  • Joe Biden: White Americans Are Worse Than ISIS

    In one of the worst speeches in modern-day history, Joe Biden explained that White Americans are more of a security threat to our nation than ISIS.

  • Female Sports Are Under Attack

    Females are the backbone of America. We need to protect their rights and not allow transgender males to participate in sports against them. Also, the media needs to call out Blacks for the hate crimes against Asian Americans.

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