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  • TJCS #59 – Lionell Watlington – Failing Is Not An Option

    Lionell is a 6’5 badass who is a 5th-degree blackbelt in martial arts and played professional basketball overseas. He’s now crushing it as a personal trainer. However, his road to success wasn’t easy; his father was an alcoholic, and his mother was addicted to crack.

  • TJCS #57 – Paul Lamar Hunter – The 19th Child

    Paul grew up with 20 siblings and zero privacy. His childhood home caught fire as Paul and his brother were trapped, fighting for their lives. As an adult, Paul lays down the law, tells his women he may love more than one at a time, and they must deal with it.

  • TJCS #55 – Isaiah Mueller & Adiel Kay – The Dynamic Duo

    Isaiah and Adiel are stand-up comics & filmmakers who perform all over NYC. They are both hilarious, and the vibe in the studio is top-notch!

  • TJCS #54 – Nick Christophers – The Italian Greek

    Nick grew up on the streets of New York and found himself at the center of the Italian Mob. With some luck, he escaped the crime family life and became a freelance journalist for the past 16 years, writing four books!

  • Episode 20: Back To Basics

    Topics: Moving out of New York; A wild phone call with Jean & Crazy Robert; Baseball is back; WW III; OJ Simpson; and more!

  • TJCS #53 – Patrick Golden – The Traveling Man

    After bike riding from the University of Texas to Anchorage, Alaska, Patrick moved to NYC and fell in love with standup comedy. His journey is one for the ages, and he has Joe laughing hysterically in the studio!

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