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  • TJCS #25 – Alan Jacoby

    Alan joins the show for a second time to discuss the Ukraine-Russia conflict, The New World Order, China’s influence on the rest of the world, and more!

  • TJCS #24 – Carmine Cangialosi

    Carmine Cangialosi is an actor/director from Oakdale, Long Island. He has a fantastic blue-collar story, from working at his father’s business to American Dresser, a film he wrote and directed alongside Oscar nominee Tom Berenger and Emmy Award winner Keith David.

  • TJCS #23 – Gianna Weber

    Gianna risked her life in the ICU unit at Stony Brook Hospital during the height of the pandemic. Instead of being rewarded, the hospital fired her for not taking the vaccine. Gianna’s stories about what took place at Stony Brook are riveting.

  • TJCS #22 – Jonathan Kavner

    Jonathan practices homeopathy and believes that the body has all the tools to heal itself. In his opinion, regular medicine like antibiotics only conceals the underlying condition and doesn’t heal the illness but instead masks the symptoms.

  • TJCS #21 – Anthony DiPaolo

    Anthony is an author from Long Island, NY. However, his journey is fascinating. From owning a music store out of high school to becoming an attorney, Anthony finally found his passion in writing after creating his first novel, The Dragon Storm.

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