Episodes With Topic: marxism

  • Joe Biden’s Ministry Of Truth

    It’s time Americans realize that communism is knocking at our door. Democrats and the Biden administration are trying to control our every move, and if we allow it, the America we once knew is over.

  • Marxism Is America’s Most Lethal Threat, Not White Supremacy

    Attorney General Merrick Garland tried using propaganda by claiming White Americans are the most prominent domestic threat we face. Unfortunately, for him and the rest of the Democrats, he got it wrong.

  • The America First Agenda

    We are facing a movement that has America on the path to destruction. That movement is Marxism, aka Communism. It’s time for American Patriots to take a stand.

  • Marxism: The America Way

    Joe Biden and his administration took a sharp progressive turn last night. Karl Marx himself could have written that speech.

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