Episodes With Topic: Afghanistan

  • Can America Survive Three More Years Of Biden?

    America is in shambles thanks to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. In just a short time, Biden has opened the Southern Border. He has ruined the Afghanistan withdrawal and severed ties with our oldest allies.

  • We Have Sheep In The White House

    Joe Biden leaves hundreds of Americans behind and embarrasses our military while doing it. The evacuation was a cowardly act, with lives lost, which will forever stain Biden’s presidency.

  • Americans Do Not Trust The U.S. Government

    Donald Trump exposed Washington politicians as power-hungry liars. And as a result, Americans have lost complete confidence in their government, especially the Biden Administration. My Pillow PromoCode = TJCS

  • Joe Biden Has Blood On His Hands

    Today reminded us that America is in uncharted waters. Biden’s mistakes have caused our nation to crumble and soldiers to die. He has made a mockery of the United States.

  • The United States In Chaos

    Joe Biden is destroying America. He has opened our borders during a pandemic. He’s divided this country racially and has created a war between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. He has embarrassed our military and turned our allies against us.

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