Episodes With Topic: NFL News

  • America Has Changed, And There’s No Going Back

    Covid has divided America to the brink of disaster; the NFL is dividing the players based on vaccinations. And, the US Military is using critical race theory to indoctrinate our soldiers.

  • The NFL Is Digging Their Own Grave

    Though the ‘Black National Anthem” may be a beautiful song, The NFL’s decision to play the song Week 1 will divide this country as we’ve never seen before. Also, Colin Kaepernick is a racist, but Nike continues to pay him as their spokesman. All this and more!

  • The Blame Game

    Democrats are scolding Donald Trump for his upcoming rally due to Covid-19 concerns. Nothing is said, however, about the LGBTQ march this past weekend or the rioting that’s taken over this country.

  • The #MeToo Movement Gets The Kiss Of Death

    Democrats ridiculed and bashed Brett Kavanaugh back in 2018 without affording him any Due Process. Now Joe Biden is being accused of sexual assault, and Democrats are looking the other way, including one of its leaders, Hillary Clinton. Say goodbye to the #MeToo movement.  

  • Should Felicity Huffman Serve a Jail Sentence, Antonio Brown is a Genius, Dispensaries in Massachusetts

    Antonio Brown knew what he was doing when he acted out against the Raiders. He wanted out and landed in the best spot possible – the New England Patriots. Have you been to a dispensary yet in Massachusetts? Would you recommend going? Also, do you think actress Felicity Huffman should go to jail for her ‘college scam’ crime?

  • The Raiders and the NFL Dropped the Ball by Not Suspending Antonio Brown

    Raiders star Wide Receiver should be suspended by his team and the NFL. After Brown received fines for not coming to practice, he proceeded to call General Manager Mike Mayock a “cracker” and then threatened to punch Mayock in the face. Democrats think to accomplish the Green New Deal is on par with winning WWII. Also, […]

  • Couples Therapy, Facebook’s New Dating App, The NFL is Back

    Some relationships end up in therapy. However, does it always work? Facebook is ditching the likes for love and is introducing its new dating app today. Is this a relationship killer? Also, the NFL is back tonight and fantasy football is bigger than ever. All this and more!

  • Joe Biden is Sautéed, Jerry Jones Not Expecting Zeke for Week 1, Hurricane Dorian on its Way

    Former VP Joe Biden’s latest gaffe involves a war hero. The Dallas Cowboys are not expecting RB Zeke Elliot to return for Week1. Also, President Trump cancels his trip to Poland. All this and more!

  • Gender Reveal Gone Bad

    Robbie Fresh joins today’s show and I explain to him what happened at my first ‘gender-reveal’ party. New guest DeVante Lewis tells us how Black Americans reclaimed the N-Word and how they will never give it up. Also, how long will the NFL be able to last after all the life-threating injuries that take place? […]

  • Jay-Z Cashes in on the NFL’s Mistake, Our Right to Bear Arms is a MUST, The Sober Junkie Interview

    Rapper Jay-Z is using the NFL for its money in hopes of creating social justice. How does the NFL justify this when Jay-Z raps about gun violence, drug dealing, and every other black male stereotype that exists today? Also, the Left wants to eliminate your 2nd Amendment Rights. Once you give it up, you cannot […]

  • Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theories, Antonio Brown Threatens to Retire, New Guest Predicts the Future

    Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide, but did he have help? New guest Chet W. Sisk is a Futurist, that is, his job is to tell people what’s going to happen over the next 3-5 years. His boldest prediction is we that have already been in contact with Aliens and provides his theory why. Pro Bowl WR […]

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