Episodes With Topic: NBA

  • Free Your Mind, Get To Work, And Don’t Give In To Resistance

    How many times did you promise yourself that you would do something, and instead, do something else? How many great ideas have you come up with, but because you are lazy, someone else acted on it before you?  

  • LeBron James: The Power of Greed

    LeBron James is arguably the best player in the NBA. His skill set is unmatched on the court. However, there is something else that he excels in and that’s being a money-hungry hypocrite. LeBron backed Colin Kaepernick, however, when GM Daryl Morey needed the same treatment, greed took over and LeBron chose money over basic human […]

  • TJCS – January 11, 2019

    Who is the GOAT – Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Entrepreneur Dawn Keegan comes on to promote her two new connection apps ‘Verimour’ and ‘Hero Harbor’, and more!

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