Episodes With Topic: Dr. Fauci

  • It‘s Time To Investigate Dr. Fauci

    Recently released information from the NIH is shining light on Anthony Fauci’s lies before Congress, but the bureaucrat has been lying for decades.

  • Dr. Fauci Lied, Again

    Fauci has lied to Congress and the American Public for over 19-months. It’s time to expose his massive cover-up and put him in jail.

  • Conflicts Of Interest: Politicians, Big Tech, & China

    Politicians are making millions of dollars by protecting China, but they are not the only ones. Big Tech loves China money too, and both are destroying America.

  • Our Time On Planet Earth Is Hijacked

    Not too long ago, life on planet Earth was grand. And then, in a blink of an eye, our lives have been turned upside down because of the pandemic. Is the United States to blame? Is it China? Or both?

  • Are We Being Told The Truth?

    We know that Covid-19 is terrible and that vaccines help save lives. But what about antibodies and natural immunity? Why won’t anyone, including Dr. Fauci, discuss it? And why are the vaccinated so concerned about the unvaccinated?

  • Biden’s Agenda: Make Everyone Hate America

    Joe Biden has tried to convince Americans that the U.S. is an evil country. Now he’s doing the same abroad. Why?

  • Americans Want The Truth

    Every day we are being told a different story regarding Covid. The CDC and Dr. Fauci have continuously flip-flopped on their guidelines. Americans deserve the truth.

  • Dr. Peter Daszak: The Covid-19 Kingpin

    The mastermind behind the origins of Covid-19 is Dr. Peter Daszak and his back-door relationship with the Wuhan Lab.

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