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Wilson The Medical Marijuana Guy

Goooooood morning everybody!!! I’m Wilson a disabled medical marijuana patient who gets screwed by the high costs of medical marijuana in NY.

When I’m not listening to TJCS, Netflix, or playing PS4 I make YouTube videos on marijuana paraphernalia to help disabled people like myself make online purchases a little easier.

I grew up in North Babylon around the corner from Crazy Robert who’s become one of my closest friends. CR is like the gentle giant with a heart of gold as crazy as he sounds don’t let him fool you he’s like Rainman smart and remember he almost bankrupt a casino

I also love to Wake N Bake I love to start my day with pot and whatever song pops in my head I have to hear to start my day off on the good foot. Lol I try to post everyday but sometimes the pain is to much to post.

My favorite time of day is 4:20 lol

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Episodes With Wilson The Medical Marijuana Guy

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