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Will Dump (rapper)

I’m 28, born and raised in Detroit Michigan. I signed to crazy noise productions, change of plans the album is out

I signed with crazy noise productions, and the ‘Change of Plans’ album is out now.

I will be releasing a new project on New Years, people can follow me on Instagram @thebandlord, and on Christmas, I will be giving away a free Surprise gift to the first 200 subscribers to my YouTube page .

Also be on the look-out for my new strain called redundant.

Episodes With Will Dump (rapper)

  • TJCS – November 5, 2018

    How much has social media changed politics? New guest Jo Anna from Philly comes on the show talking politics and promotes her new web series. Also, rapper Will Dump from Detroit comes on promoting his new album and his new cannabis strain, and more!

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