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The Z-Man (singer)

This singer-songwriter known as the Z-Man has an exclusive style and a new genre of music, combined with sounds of various artists. His energetic stage presence, and central focus on his own original material, has given him an uncompromising passion for his dream of sharing his music, with a global emphasis. He favors a wide range of age groups, and his audiences find a deep appreciation for his love of music and talent. His particular genre of music is truly described as one of a kind and has been developed, as he has made a name for himself. So hold on to your hats and stay tuned for his posters and show details in a neighborhood near you.

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Episodes With The Z-Man (singer)

  • TJCS – September 26, 2018

    Crazy Robert contemplates donating his sperm to make some side cash. Facebook tests its Dating App in Columbia – will it ruin relationships? New guest The Z-Man, comes on the show to promote his music, and more!

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