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Sierra Molinda (country singer)

Sierra Molinda born in Tashkent Uzbekistan, adopted from Moscow Russia grew up just outside Pittsburgh in a small suburbia|farm town.

She loves her two dogs Crosby and Pumpkin and her fiancé Stephen Adkins. Their wedding date is April 27, 2019.

Her music reflects the new outlaw vibe with influences of Carrie Underwood, ac/dc, and johnny cash. Roping in her big voice she displays discipline and toughness in her outlaw music. Album coming soon!

Follow Sierra on Instagram @sierramolindamusic

Episodes With Sierra Molinda (country singer)

  • TJCS – November 1, 2018

    Did you know you can pay $6000 to go on a sex island vacation where Brits and Americans party with Columbian hookers? Also, the beautiful Sierra Molinda from Nashville comes on the show to promote her country music. New guest Boring Morgan from the DC area discusses why it’s ok for men to remove their […]

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