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Shanalee (singer)

Born in Jamaica West Indies, Shanalee was destined to become a star. She had dreams of becoming an entertainer at the tender age of 5. Her musical influences range from Lauryn Hill,  Mary J. Blige to Spice. At the age of

Her musical influences range from Lauryn Hill,  Mary J. Blige to Spice. At the age of 16, she dipped her toe in the acting field where she performed in a high school play.

Shanalee started writing poetry and songs at the age of 14, and at that time It was already obvious that her words display energy, life, heartache, thoughtfulness, and emotions far beyond her years.

Shanalee is an all-around triple treat, she is a diva in her own right.

Follow Shanalee on IG @its.shanalee

Episodes With Shanalee (singer)

  • Christmas Wishlist: Donald Trump 2020

    There’s a lot to be thankful for in 2019 and one of them is our President Donald Trump. Also, Shanalee returns to the show promoting her new Christmas song, ‘Now It’s Christmas.’ And one of our favorite guests Patrick Fitzgibbons from the CJ Revolution Podcast returns promoting his new book and of course Trump 2020!

  • Greta Thunberg’s, Demi Moore’s New Book Crushes Mila Kunis, New Artist Shanalee

    The Left should be ashamed coercing a child (Greta Thunberg) to make their political arguments and using her as a shield from any criticism. Demi Moore’s new book, “Inside Out” reveals the sexual relations she had with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher. And new artist Shanalee joins the show promoting her music!

  • TJCS – September 10, 2018

    Today’s new guest is singer Shanalee who comes on to promote her new album ‘Phases’. Joe talks about the awesome time tailgating at the University of Alabama, Nike’s online sales surge 31% after their controversial commercial, and more!

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