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Savannah Vinson (model)

Hey everyone! 

My name is Savannah Vinson and I recently moved to NYC August 1 from Cincinnati. I graduated high school one year early and moved here!

I’m a full-time model, actress, and dancer signed with MMG models. I specialize in hip-hop, tutting, jazz, and contemporary dance.

I believe everything happens for a reason, so never give up when things go wrong. 

Instagram handle @_Queen.Sav_ 

Snapchat handle @Banta101 

Savannah Vinson

Episodes With Savannah Vinson (model)

  • TJCS – November 20, 2018

    First, we have the beautiful Savannah Vinson discuss what it’s like being a young model in NYC. Next is Jay from Long Island who talks about being a dope addict and making money by snitching for the Cops, and more!

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