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Rah T (rapper & recovery)

A Hip Hop Artist, Audio Engineer, Photographer, etc…. “I do a little bit of everything”.

This photo was taken at Charlie Marotta’s studio however Rah T does have an in home studio. If you don’t know who Charlie Marotta is then google him. He has a lot of Famous Artists under his belt (Platinum Projects with EPMD, REDMAN, the list goes on) and it was an honor to work with him.

Rah T is a solo artist but has worked with some of the best talent of Long Island!

Check out his music,videos,etc on YouTube (Here’s a link to his channel

By Rah T

Episodes With Rah T (rapper & recovery)

  • Drugs, Rap & Recovery – The Journey of Rah T

    Joe brings on new guest Rah T from North Babylon, NY. Rah T overdosed on heroin and flatlining for approx (4) minutes straight on the way to the hospital. Rah discusses his recovery and shows off his freestyling skills in the studio!

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