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Nikki Pags

Who is Nikki Pags?

I was born and raised in North Babylon, NY. I graduated FAU with a Bachelor’s in Communications but never pursued the field. I wanted to be like Maria Menounos (since I didn’t have the talent to be Gwen Stefani) but then I changed my mind after I graduated. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up…I am still searching.

I am an advocate of H.I.T. training and my mentors are Drew Baye, Dr. Doug Mcguff & Richard Berle.   I dream of opening my own personal training studio one day. I imagine it having a small salon attached and it being a place where women can come to work out as well as hangout, gossip, get their hair and makeup done and leave feeling prettier and more confident.

Nikki Pags’ history with Cozzo

I was first introduced to Joe Cozzo in 6th grade when my childhood friend Kristen moved across town and changed elementary schools. While visiting Kristen’s new neighborhood and taking a walk up to the stores there was an older guy approaching us from the opposite direction. Immediately, I was warned by my friend that the boy approaching was a major ball buster and that we were about to get teased. It went something along the lines of, “Oh shit here comes Cozzo, he is going to make fun of us!” hahahahahah… And she was right, I think he busted on my eyebrows or some shit. I am half Greek & half Italian, and this was way before I was introduced to threading. He has basically been busting my chops ever since, but I have grown to understand his teasing comes from a place of love.

One time, at a house party in high school, Joe sat on the couch telling all his guy friends the details of his “experience” with his girlfriend. I’ll never forget how he was whispering the details and his friends sat hanging on every word with excitement. I pretended I wasn’t listening, but I was!   To be honest, I have always been a fan of Joe’s “talk shows!”

Later in life, after I moved back from Florida, I caught word that Joe was acting, doing stand up and pursuing radio. I was 100% sure that that was exactly what he should be doing, and I knew he was going to succeed. I wanted to go to his stand up, listen to his podcast and do whatever I could to support him. I love listening to his interviews and prank calls, and thoroughly enjoy when he does his classic “call you out on your shit” to the guests. I love witnessing strangers go through the stages of being introduced to his big personality and either being completely annoyed or falling in love with him. I do not feel I am much of a guest and perceive myself as a more of a longtime, loyal fan.

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Episodes With Nikki Pags

  • Trump’s Terrible Idea with the Taliban, Beto O’Rourke Thinks America is Racist, Workplace Romances

    President Trump almost made a colossal blunder by inviting the Talband to Camp David. Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke is acting crazy and will say anything to get attention – like calling his own country racist. And have you ever had a workplace romance? All this and more!

  • Nikki Pags: Staying Positive and Always Moving Forward

    Nikki Pags is a staple on TJCS and comes on to discuss her new methods of dealing with stress and staying positive every day. New guest Vox (the voice of the people) joins the show and explains why schools need to teach our youth about the truth of American History and how Black Kings once ruled the […]

  • May 2, 2019 – Staying Positive, Eating Healthy, Start Traveling, Phone Calls

    Today’s show is all about staying positive and eating healthy. We have some greats call in like Nikki Pags, who finally got her braces removed! Marshall James calls to talk about traveling around the US and how he’s working with former Champ Christy Martin. And Crazy Robert think Wilson the Medical Marijuana guy is getting it […]

  • TJCS – January 31, 2019

    Ladies, do you enjoy giving your man a BJ? How about a rim job for his pleasure? Guys, are you always willing and able to go down and pleasure your girl? New guest Doc Todd, a Navy veteran from the ATL comes on to promote his music and crushes it. And Nikki Pags comes back on […]

  • TJCS – February 15, 2018

    Joe has Nikki Pags in studio and helps analyze VH1’s top ’90’s Hip-Hop’ songs of all-time. Nikki also talks about opening her own gym and her thoughts on the Florida shooting. Rapper A.I. DaGodd from the ATL comes on the show with two blazing singles, and more!

  • Round Table: Politics and Racism

    Joe has Nikki Pags, Uncle Al and Big Daddy Cassidy all in studio discussing – Whether ‘Black Lives Matter’ is inherently racist, Should it be ‘All Lives Matter’ instead, Is the ‘White Left’ using minorities for their own agenda, How should President Trump handle North Korea, Are you ok with NFL players kneeling during the […]

  • TJCS – 01-30-17

    Joe discusses his thoughts on President Trump’s executive order on immigration, Nikki Pags calls in with a full NikkiLeaks report on Rich from Ohio, Arati from New Jersey calls in and explains her Indian culture, B Payne calls in and tells us about his weekend’s love fest, and more!

  • TJCS – 12-30-16

    Last show of 2016, Joe has NIKKI PAGS & BIG DADDY CASSIDY in the studio, Nikki tells what positions she likes most, Cassidy explains his absence from the show, ROBBIE FRESH, RONNIE GUNZ, LEMON HEAD, KYLE THE COW KILLER & CRAZY ROBERT, ALL-STAR CAST, and more

Blogs With Nikki Pags

  • Even a Little Weight Training Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

    Weight training increases muscle mass while fat is lost and improves flexibility and metabolic conditioning while promoting joint strength. You want to keep your muscle while you lose fat because the more muscle you have on your body the higher your metabolism will be. As we get older we experience sarcopenia; the natural loss of […]

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