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Matthew Jones (socialist)

I am 31 years old and have been keeping a daily vlog on youtube since February of this year.

My handle on insta, twitter, and youtube is mattjones2587

I have been shooting video since the VHS days.   when I was in high school I made an hour-long jackass movie and sold a copy to pretty much the whole school.

No one complained lol

I even recruited a lot of the kids in my backyard one day to watch me perform a  live wrestling match.

I’m currently married, raising kids and going to school for a cyber-security degree.

My new project entitled RETROGRADE will be going live on youtube sometime in October. it is finished and uploaded I am working on the promotion now.

But I have been recording original music since 2010 and this time around I decided to release 6 songs/videos at the same time on the same video only on youtube.

Episodes With Matthew Jones (socialist)

  • TJCS – September 20, 2018

    Do you agree with the Democrats that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual misconduct? Is it ok to leave your spouse if they are heavily depressed for a long time? New guest Matthew Jones comes on the show and explains how the government is paying for all his bills, and more!

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