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Lila Lucy (pin-up model)

LILA LUCY is a published Pinup from Chicago. She has worked with amazing photographers from all over the country as well as Europe. Her love for vintage lifestyle has lead her on her journey to spread the love for Pinup to all women. She loves to smile and enjoys meeting new people. You can always spot her at antique stores looking for more treasures to add to her collection or checking out all the amazing Hot Rods at car shows.

Episodes With Lila Lucy (pin-up model)

  • TJCS – September 24, 2018

    What is your opinion on the #MeToo movement and is it creating a new category of victims? Bret Kavanaugh faces a second victim, is this part of a ‘left conspiracy’? Is it ok to keep secrets from your partner, New guest Lila Lucy, a ‘Pin-Up’ model comes on to promote her brand, and more!

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