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Lil D-VO (boston rapper)

Adam DeVeau aka Lil D-VO, is a 19-year-old rapper from Boston, Ma.

Lil D-VO doesn’t smoke weed and has been rhyming since the 7th grade!

Lil D-VOs Social Media:



Snapchat: @atdev-24

Episodes With Lil D-VO (boston rapper)

  • TJCS – October 19, 2018

    Will the Democrats ever accept and get over Donald Trump’s victory? Are you ok with the 4000 migrants from Honduras entering the US? Rapper Lil D-VO from Boston comes back on the show to promote his new single, and more!

  • TJCS – September 7, 2018

    It’s Friday and we have some Prank Calls, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla was smoking a joint and drinking whiskey during a podcast interview, New guest Lil D-VO from Boston comes on to promote his new rap single, and more!

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