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Lee and Stephen Preston (Ten Days and Counting)

He’s a graphic designer. She is a registered nurse, certified property manager and licensed real estate agent. But the most notable thing about this Tennessee couple is that they met online and got married in 10 days. And this year in December, Lee and Stephen Preston will celebrate their seven-year anniversary.

Another aspect of this dynamic pair is their heart for helping people. In their search for potential opportunities, as well as a way to feed the creative spirit they both possess, they decided to launch the Ten Days And Counting Podcast. With a primary focus on providing relationship and marriage advice, especially for those in a second marriage and/or blended family, the show solicits requests for advice on any topic, as well as provides commentaries on social, cultural and news topics of the day with a dash of sass and humor sprinkled throughout. While Lee and Stephen are sure to let their listeners know they are not professional counselors, what better source of relationship advice could there be than a couple who has successfully maintained their relationship even though they got married in 10 days?

Find out more by visiting the Ten Days and Counting website here. Requests for advice can be submitted through their website, Facebook page or Instagram page. Podcast episodes are available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Spreaker, and Youtube. Simply search for “Ten Days And Counting.”

Questions, comments or requests for interviews should be made via email at

Episodes With Lee and Stephen Preston (Ten Days and Counting)

  • Police Brutality, Reparations for Gays, Meeting Online, First Date Suggestions

    Drew from Long Island discusses how he was working undercover for the police when the operation went south. Drew alleges he was asked to pull down his pants and was beaten by the cops with a baton. Also, Elizabeth Warren proposes reparations for married gay couples. Who’s paying for all this? Stephen and Lee join the […]

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