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JustinTheArtist – 17 years old up & coming artist from Bronx, New York. Since a young age, Justin been facing challenges and struggles that forced him to grow up at a young age. Justin uses music as a way to cope & deal with his depression. The music he continues to put out fall in between the lines of Hip-Hop with an R&B twist to some of his tracks, bringing that new sound but mixing it with his ‘old school’ versatile writing focusing around his bars.

Justin “JustinTheArtist” Bruno

Founder & CEO of Young And Famous Apparel & YNFTL

Follow me on IG @JustinYNF

Episodes With JustinTheArtist

  • TJCS – October 26, 2018

    Is it racist for a white kid to dress up as a black celebrity for Halloween? Do you think Megyn Kelly should be fired for her ‘blackface’ comments? New guest Chamara gets personal and talks about being pangender, how she would ‘give head’ to keep up her addiction, and how her partner is transgendering into […]

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