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Josh Chaffee (singer)

Josh has been writing and singing songs for 17 years. He writes original music that he calls “folk-grass” or turkey farm music. (He lives in an abandoned historic restaurant that used to be a family style all you can eat turkey dinner spot).

He has recorded 3 albums and is constantly playing shows.

You can listen to his music on YouTube at – Josh Chaffee

Follow Josh on IG  – @joshchaffeemusic

Episodes With Josh Chaffee (singer)

  • TJCS – March 1, 2019

    Josh Chaffe has been writing and singing songs for 17 years and joins today’s show to promote his music. Will the Southern District of New York bring down President Trump? What’s the best way to ask your girlfriend for naked pics? New guest Jason Hunt comes on to promote his SciFi4Me news platform and more!

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