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Jose the Democrat

Hi, I’m Jose Torres, a BA in Political Science graduate from Kean University in NJ and a Grad student pursuing an MBA at Grand Canyon U.

I’m a former volunteer of many Political Campaigns in recent years and stay abreast of the current campaigns, events, laws, and controversies. I’m very opinionated and it’s quite a divisive topic. I helped many politicians win their elections and worked mainly for Democratic candidates.

I’ve recently stepped away from working in politics because of a recent interaction with an activist in New Jersey that sidelined my political career. I’m currently an actor, but it’s impossible to stay out of politics when you’re that good at what you do and know what you know.

Follow Jose on IG @NimbleJoe

Episodes With Jose the Democrat

  • Halloween Special – 2018

    New guest JOSE THE DEMOCRAT comes on the show and bashes President Trump calling him ‘The Idiot President’. The beautiful singer/songwriter LINDA HARRIS comes on the show and discusses how her divorce ignited her music career, and more!

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