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Johanna Skouras (psychotherapist)

Johanna is a Psychotherapist in Swampscott MA where she offers phone counseling (781-581-9433).

A Graduate of BU and have been a therapist for 20 years. Johanna used to be a sculptor when she was “young and foolish” so she still has a bohemian mentality.

Johanna is the author of Standing up for Yourself and videos on YouTube discussing depression, sexuality, food abuse, self-assertion, etc.

You can also email Johanna at –

Episodes With Johanna Skouras (psychotherapist)

  • TJCS – Friday Edition

    Today we have two great guests! First, Chris Bogue, who talks about his blog ‘Obama Time Travel’ where he compares Obama and Trump’s presidency. Our second guest is psychotherapist Johanna Skouras, who discusses why she is not a fan of anti-depressants, and more!

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