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Jo Anna Van Thuyne (actor/filmmaker)

Jo Anna Van Thuyne is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker from Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from LaSalle University and spent nearly a decade acting and producing various projects in the Philadelphia area. She is known for her web series, Creepy Basement.

She is now living in New York and enrolled at the UCB Training Center. She hosts a podcast called, Apocalypse…Now? and you can subscribe on a number of podcast distributors. She is currently working on the web series, Mezza Morta. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @JoPincushion 

Episodes With Jo Anna Van Thuyne (actor/filmmaker)

  • TJCS – November 5, 2018

    How much has social media changed politics? New guest Jo Anna from Philly comes on the show talking politics and promotes her new web series. Also, rapper Will Dump from Detroit comes on promoting his new album and his new cannabis strain, and more!

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