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Jimmi Ez (rapper)

Jimmi Ez
If you ask me, I’m just a vibe that’s hard to find. A very humble young 26 yr old developing music artist with a very passionate master plan to show my love for music to the world! I was born in a county outside of Baltimore, Maryland but I’m originally from the City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia. I’ve lived up and down the mid and northern parts of the East Coast such as DC, Maryland, VA, Delaware, but mostly Philadelphia. I’m a simple and natural person that just love making music that the people going fuck with 👌💃🕺🎙️🎶🎵🎼🎧🎤🎷🎸📯🎹🎺🎻🥁

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Episodes With Jimmi Ez (rapper)

  • Motivational Tuesday: Change Today for a Better Tomorrow

    Today we talk about getting inspired to live the best life you can. Many of us are afraid of success, however, without putting yourself out there you will never know your true greatness. Also, we discuss some news including SNL firing Shane Gillis and Ilan Omar’s insensitive new comments about 9-11. Also, Democratic Candidate Andrew […]

  • TJCS – December 10, 2018

    Is it fair for naturally born females to compete against boys, who transgender into females, at High School sports? What about ethnicity? What if someone identifies themselves as a different race? Will today’s society accept this? Is this the same thing? Rapper Jimmi EZz comes on the show to promote his new track, and more!

  • TJCS – November 6, 2018

    It’s Election Day.. are you voting Red or Blue? If the Democrats win big, will it be the end of the Trump’s Presidency? New guest Markeyz joins the show and explains how he makes beats for rappers. Also, Jimmi Ez makes his second appearance on the show promoting his new track ‘Survival’, Boring Morgan joins the […]

  • TJCS – August 13, 2018

    Joe discusses his weekend trip to Alabama, What do you think is the best airline, President Trump and the Omarosa mess, New guest Jimmi Ez comes on the show to promote his new single ‘Money Itchen’, and more!

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