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Jackie June (singer)

Finding the courage to speak your truth is the theme of New Jersey singer-songwriter Jackie June’s debut release, “All the Colors,” and a guiding principle of her life. Her music incorporates eclectic influences, ranging from Michelle

Branch and Lady Gaga to Adele and Nick Fradiani. Jackie’s biggest musical inspiration, Hanson, speaks to her gift for seeing the value within. The trio of brothers dismissed as a one-hit wonder after “MMMBop,” have made a successful indie career as serious songwriters. “Their music got me through a lot of hard times as a teenager,” she recollects. “They’re the reason I love music so much.”

Jackie’s own lyrics come from personal experience. “I want to make sure that what I write is something I know I would listen to,” she explains. “I try to start with a catchy hook and then put a unique spin on relatable topics.”

Her debut single, “All the Colors,” motivates listeners to push through their struggles and live their truth. The piano ballad, written with Jackie’s vocal coach Jes Hudak, was inspired by the Find Your Color social media project, which told the stories of people conquering depression and social anxiety.

Jackie’s eagerly awaited new release, “Chasing Nightmares,” written with Jes Hudak and produced by Jamie McClanahan of Audio Factory, takes a witty, upbeat approach to empowerment that will have you dancing away your fears. Fans can also look forward to a future full EP and new live performance dates.

Follow Jackie on IG @jackiejunemusicnj

Episodes With Jackie June (singer)

  • TJCS – December 5, 2018

    NJ singer Jackie June comes on the show and crushes it with her track “Chasing Nightmares“. Joe from NY explains how his girlfriend was cheating on him using two IG accounts. Aaron from Houston tells Joe about some chick he banged off Tinder, and more!

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