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Frank (strong island rescue)

With 5 years of experience as the chief cruelty investigator for Guardians of Rescue, Frankie brings not only muscle but street smarts to Strong Island Animal Rescue League. He is respected throughout neighborhoods as a straight shooter and always has the animals best interests in mind. He won’t give up until every creature is treated with respect and kindness.

He is the proud guardian of many rescued pit bulls and mixed breeds that keep his home and family safe and protected.

Check out his website – Strong Island Rescue League

Episodes With Frank (strong island rescue)

  • TJCS – April 9, 2019

    Today we have three amazing guests. First, is Jackie Zuckerman, from the great city of Boston promoting her podcast ‘NextonScene.’ Second, is DINI from Florida who was obese at 320lbs but has now lost 130! And our third guest is Frankie from the Strong Island Animal Shelter. Frankie tells us about his fantastic mission to […]

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