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Francis James (suspicious minds)

Francis James displays an adventurous, artistic, and peculiarly confident personality (which comes from his Rock & Roll background) arousing his audience’s hot & cold (mostly hot) feelings for him. His slightly sad eyes illustrate a troubled yet hopeful existence, while his quietly sarcastic smirk, on the other hand, lets us know just how mysterious and aloof he can be.

Francis started his training at the Mason Gross School at Rutgers University, enrolling in Meisner-focused acting classes.  He continued his training, most recently at the Stella Adler Studio for Acting in New York City. He plans to continue training among his peers in the great New York City for the foreseeable future.

Follow Francis James on IG @ofrancisjames

Follow the band on IG @besuspicios

Episodes With Francis James (suspicious minds)

  • TJCS – March 21, 2019

    New guest Francis James from the amazing band ‘Suspicious Minds’ promotes their new album! Also, new guest Mac Walton from Louisianna joins the show to promote his rapping skills. And, CNN says Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old married gay mayor is the hottest candidate in the 2020 race right now. He would be the first gay President […]

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