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Elise Margolin (photographer)

New York-born and raised. Portrait and Event Photographer. 

Before ever picking up a camera professionally, I feel I was
always a storyteller. Whether it was writing silly stories as a kid,
or teaching writing to middle school students, I was always
fascinated with describing moments that told a great story or
documented a scene. Little did I know that capturing a memory
with a camera would be my ultimate storytelling medium. As an
English teacher, I taught children to plan, organize, write, edit and
revise, to share their stories in the written word. I taught English, a
language that was rather difficult at times. Photography, however, is a universal language that really does speak to the heart… 

Capturing all of the feelings and emotions in my client’s photos is my favorite part of being a photographer. I genuinely feel strongly about capturing memories that I can connect with, in people’s lives. Even though it is someone else’s moment, having a personal connection is one of the most important aspects of the shoot for me, as well as the most fulfilling. 

It is no surprise that photography takes a huge role in my life, but traveling was my real first love and really keeps my blood pumping. I love being on the road, meeting new people and experiencing all of the diversity the world has to offer me. I am constantly inspired by new landscapes, cuisine, faces, and places. 

My photos show who I am and where I am at the moment. What I am seeing. What I am drawn to. What you see in the image, what you feel in their essence…. that is what I was feeling when I shot it. An image is just like a verse or song lyrics about time, about “staying the moment.” Photography can withstand the test of time as well as keep the memories of a loved one alive. Photography is a universal language that speaks to the heart. As a photographer, I inspire to teach you to look again, look harder. Look through my lens, through my eyes. 

Think I could capture your favorite moment or tell your story in photos? Feel free to reach out to me at: 

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