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Dr. Rami Bayaa

I have a double major in biology and exercise science, as well as an MD degree. I am trying to seek a residency spot in Internal Medicine this year. I always had an artistic side to me growing up, taking art lessons as a child, and my passion for the field of medicine started soon after the 6th grade. Patient education is something I feel strongly passionate about, and unfortunately, I feel that this is what is lacking in medicine today. Being in the medical field for the past 7 years, I realized that when patients are diagnosed with an condition, they feel like it is a death sentence; they feel defeated. I started FashionAtomy to empower patients, raise awareness for chronic diseases and disorders, help them take charge of their condition, and talk about it so they can inspire others. Each design represents an illness, and is abstract so as to spark conversation.

Portions of the proceeds are donated to that disease’s specific advocacy group.

You can follow Dr. Rami Bayaa on IG – @fashionatomyofficial

Episodes With Dr. Rami Bayaa

  • TJCS – January 14, 2019

    Dr. Rami Bayaa joins the show and discusses depression and how to treat it, type 2 diabetes, how inflammation can cause cancer and the benefits of intermittent fasting! Political expert Rob Arnold is back, and more!

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