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Hey it’s Davaeja aka @sasshole_dj and I’m 1/2 of Dope and Greedy (the #greedy part😁) I’m 27 and an #artist, #foodie and a #wine enthusiast. I like to find new #restaurants, make friends with the #bartenders, try new #food fads, and indulge in old ones. Im the #mother of a beautiful baby girl and yes, she usually goes with me whenever I go out—if it’s before her bedtime. I love being in cities and I’m a sucker for good views and a #rooftop bar. My goal is to #travel as much as I can while I can and experience all the good food, drinks and fun all around the world. I started this journey of this #podcast last year and I’m super excited to continue it with a new partnership.


What’s up everybody? I’m Calvin, the other half of Dope and Greedy. I’m 28 and a business school graduate (shout out to Class of 2018!). I’m a #bartender and a #nightlife connoisseur. I’m a #Philly native and I like discovering new things in my city. I’m a sucker for all things brown—cognac, whiskey, Davaeja, etc. I’m super excited to start this adventure and get reacquainted with Philly as well as get to know a lot of other cities.


There are two sides to cope and greedy. The first is the dope part,where we explore the fun, the entertainment, and the nightlife of our city and any other city. As well as events or place that have a unique vibe to them. Next is the greedy, where we check out great food place. This includes food trucks, bars, restaurants, etc. Our main focus is to bring awareness to place that people never heard of with an honest description.

You can follow Dope and Greedy on IG – @dopeandgreedy90

Episodes With Dope and Greedy

  • TJCS – February 19, 2019

    Should Corey Booker and Kamala Harris apologize to President Trump after what transpired in the Jussie Smollett hoax? Should they apologize to white Americans too? Dope and Greedy (@dopeandgreedy90) join the show promoting their podcast, and more!

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