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Bryan D’Alessandro (Eaton Hemp)

Bryan D’Alessandro

Co-Founder, CEO of Eaton Hemp.

I am a creative problem solver, brand specialist, serial entrepreneur.

A 20yr ad vet, I’ve worked on award-winning campaigns for multi-national brands including J&J, Unilever, Pepsi, and Lowe’s. I approach my work with an entrepreneurial spirit- resourceful, focused and calm under pressure. I excel in building and managing creative teams from concept through execution.

In 2010 I founded The Humans, a creative agency for conscious brands. I saw much room for innovation in how brands connect with and communicate their purpose.

Serving as a “Brand Sherpa” I specialize in helping business owners and thought leaders to live their purpose and create a more meaningful connection with their audience. I do so through a variety of brand development and strategic/creative coaching services.

In 2017 I followed my passion for health & wellness, Co-Founding Eaton Hemp, an organic snack food company. We are the first farm in over 80yrs licensed to grow hemp. The mission here is the bring the people the healthiest and tastiest snacks possible.

I am a life-long learner always seeking new tools to integrate mind, body, and spirit.

I practice Aikido, Meditation, Reiki, and am a certified yoga instructor.

Follow Eaton Hemp on IG – @eatonhemp

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Episodes With Bryan D’Alessandro (Eaton Hemp)

  • TJCS – April 19, 2019

    Today we have three great guests! First, we have  Bryan D’Alessandro, CEO of Eaton Hemp, an organic snack food company. Bryan explains the benefits of eating a hemp-based diet. Next is Kramer Lindsley,  a queer NY-based actor/comedian. Kramer talks about his upcoming one-man show. Next up is visual artist Justin Klein. Justin is a fantastic artist and just opened […]

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