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Brittany Moore (fitness enthusiast)

A little about me:

I am a fitness enthusiast born and raised in Chicago that promotes health and well being to people of all sorts. I provide meal plans and exercise routines to those that want to start their fitness journey or even if they are restarting. I am passionate about fitness and being a trainer kind of fell into place. For example, at the gym, I was approached all the time asking me what I am doing to stay in shape, so the birth of my own training and teaching experience.

You can connect with me to start your own journey at 708-435-1279, or you can visit me on Instagram as @MadLifeFit

Episodes With Brittany Moore (fitness enthusiast)

  • TJCS – October 11, 2018

    New guest Brittany Moore considers herself fitness enthusiast. Brittany tells us about nutrition and promotes her business Madlife Fitness, and more!

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