Episodes With Brian Cassidy

  • TJCS – February 8, 2018

    Joe brings back Big Daddy Cassidy in studio and both talk about relationships and the pros & cons of living together, Crazy Robert’s mom catches him with his pants down, Is the obesity epidemic caused by fast-foods and should it be regulated like opiates, and more!

  • Round Table: Politics and Racism

    Joe has Nikki Pags, Uncle Al and Big Daddy Cassidy all in studio discussing – Whether ‘Black Lives Matter’ is inherently racist, Should it be ‘All Lives Matter’ instead, Is the ‘White Left’ using minorities for their own agenda, How should President Trump handle North Korea, Are you ok with NFL players kneeling during the […]

  • In Studio: Big Daddy Cassidy

    Today’s topics – How being in a relationship makes you lazy, How much would you pay to keep your full head of hair, Crazy Robert has phone sex with Debbie from Virginia, Eddro calls in and crushes it, and more!

  • TJCS – 06-05-17

    Joe discusses the London Bridge attack, Should Democrats start backing President Trump more on terrorism, Comedian Bill Maher faces backlash for racial slur on his HBO show, Racist James update, and more!

  • TJCS – 04-28-17

    Joe brings has Big Daddy Cassidy back in the studio talking about everything from doing hard-core drugs, wasting money on fancy cars and hot chicks. Joe brings on a new guest, Paul from the Bronx, who considers himself a political expert and calls Donald Trump the white man’s President!

  • TJCS – 03-24-17

    Joe brings back Big Daddy Cassidy to the show. Big Daddy receives a reading from world renowned psychic Kathleen Deyo! Things get personal, as Kathleen digs down deep into Brian’s love life!

  • The Daily Show – 08-09-16

    Joe has the up and coming hip-hop artist ‘TecNickeL’ in the studio with Uncle Al and Big Daddy Cassidy. TecNickeL, who is from North Babylon, NY, discusses what it’s like today to come up in the hip-hop industry, addiction and how it could influence or derail one’s music aspirations, how he’s on the grind promoting […]

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