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Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon was born in NY and raised on Long Island.  After attending SUNY Plattsburgh, Bill moved south living in Raleigh, NC, and Richmond, VA before planting roots in Alpharetta, GA.  Bill met his wife in Georgia and they live in Alpharetta with their three boys, the oldest is 9 and the other two are twins who are 7.  One of the twins has Special Needs being born with Down Syndrome.

After working in the Wireless Industry for 18 years, Bill took a leap of faith and joined the entrepreneurial world of Healthcare Start-ups. Bill has worked directly in or closely associated with the Healthcare Industry for the past 10 years. In parallel, Bill and a business partner started developing new business ideas. Being an Entrepreneur at heart, the pursuit of creating, running and building a successful company has been a life long mission.  Bill is also a published author having written numerous articles for Telemedicine Magazine as well as serving for a time as Editorial Director.

Now Bill’s passion has turned to politics.  Having been a Political Science major in college and having a love for debate and political discussion, he feels it’s time to turn that passion into action.  A self-professed Moderate Republican, Bill believes that the US House of Representatives should be filled by people who actually represent the population of their districts.  Real people who understand what it’s like to be an everyday American with real struggles and real successes

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Episodes With Bill Gordon

  • The Racist Squad Supports Antifa

    The Democrats should be ashamed on taking advantage of the El Paso shooting just for political gain. The Left-Wing Media failed to report how the shooter in Dayton, OH supports Antifa and the Democrats. Democrats say Trump is responsible for El Paso, does this mean the democrats are responsible for Dayton? All this and more […]

  • Total Vindication for Trump, 2020 Election is a Lock for Trump Thanks to the Dems, Federal Death Penalty is Back

    The Democrats rolled the dice and came up empty. Now President Trump will cruise into 2020 and he has Robert Mueller to thank. The federal government will start carrying out death sentences for the first time in nearly two decades, ordering officials to schedule executions for five inmates. All this and more on today’s episode!

  • Nike Drops the Ball, Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, The Need for a New Political Party

    Colin Kaepernick is now calling the shots over at Nike after they agreed to cancel the Betsy Ross edition shoe featuring a flag of the thirteen colonies. The Democratic Party is trying to crucify Donald Trump Jr because of a retweet questioning Kamala Harris’ family origin. However, CNN’s Don Lemon previously questioned it and no one […]

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