Episodes With Benedict Proctor

  • TJCS – January 15, 2018

    Joe brings back guest Benedict Proctor to the show to debate whether President Trump is a racist, whether the country is thriving under the new administration, and whether building a wall will benefit our country, and more!

  • TJCS – December 18, 2017

    Joe discusses some of the life-changing inventions over the last 25 years, Puff Daddy wants to buy the Carolina Panthers – is racism a factor, Benedict Proctor comes back on the show and talks Trump, Iran, North Korea, and more!

  • TJCS – December 6, 2017

    Joe interviews musician and political writer Benedict Proctor from Queens, NY. Benedict hates President Trump and is a huge believer in Black Lives Matter. Joe also discusses the ‘dog downstairs dilemma’ and more!

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