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Astoria King (singer)

Astoria King is an artist to say the most.

Growing up from the hardest parts of the south she’s had obstacles left and right trying to tilt her crown.

Her name means royalty and she acts accordingly fighting against all odds to make and please her fans.

This woman is truly the definition of unbreakable. Her musicianship is a testament to what she is as a person. You can’t say she’s like this or like that she just is.

Her personality and ability to maintain resilience and creativity are coming soon. Just watch and enjoy.

Her self-titled e.p. ASTORIA is prospected to come out in April, we should all expect a feast of genres, new taste, and styles. There’s a method to this madness and she’s excited to show it.

Follow Astoria on IG @astoriathequing

Episodes With Astoria King (singer)

  • TJCS – October 22, 2018

    Should President Trump allow the caravan of migrants from Honduras to come into the US? What is the minimum sentence one should receive for committing murder? New guest Astoria from Atlanta comes on the show to promote her personal brand, and more!

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